Professional Pet Room & Groom – About

A little about the owner and pet business…

Hi, I am Pearl Johnstone,  I pursued a career in dog and cat grooming in 1989.  After grooming dogs and cats for several years in several salons.  I began instructing other groomers on the techniques used to achieve the finest clips for their clients.  Proudly! I was the fourth groomer in the state of Nevada to be awarded   “Nationally Certified Master Groomer” certification.  I spent many years after excelling in grooming competitions. My next area of study was skin and coat problems, where I received certification as a “Companion Animal Hygienist”.

Does your pet service in Boulder City Nevada have a N.C.M.G. to groom your dog?

In 1996, I was immensely proud to open my very own shop in Boulder City, Nevada, then called Professional Pet Grooming. This shop has changed names and expanded throughout the years. Adding to the softer side of pet care I obtained my “Small Animal Massage Provider” certification.

However, I eventually determined that the Boulder City area lacked a high-quality dog and cat boarding facility. Since Las Vegas and Boulder City in particular are such popular tourist destinations…opening a boarding facility became a new dream of mine. This dream was fulfilled with the opening of Professional Pet Room and Groom in November of 2009.

Also, in 2009 Claude married me and the business. Professional Pet Room and Groom is a family run business.

Focusing on offering the best pet grooming and boarding care in Southern Nevada is our goal. In 2016 we added a new service call Thera-Clean, a top of the line skin and coat care, with microbubbles & enzymes. For your pet clean skin is healthy skin. Take a look at Thera-Clean Page.

If you Demand Experienced Pet Care come check us out for Cat Grooming, Dog Grooming, Cat Boarding and Dog Boarding.